Possible to join A-kasse as a non-EU with fast-track permit?


I have been reading about the new rules regarding the unemployment benefits and non-EU citizens, and I was whether it would make sense for me to join an A-kasse: I am a non-EU citizen who will soon take up work at DTU for a postdoc (2-year position). I have been living in Switzerland for the last 6.5 years (1.5 during my master’s and 5 during my PhD with full-time employment), which means that likely I will comply with the 7-year rule by the end of my appointment at DTU. This is, if Switzerland-which strictly speaking is a member of EFTA but not of the EEA-is accepted within the rule, so that’s the first question. :)

Then, I received a fast-track work permit (under the researcher track) which allows for 6 months after the end/loss of employment to find a new job, if I am not mistaken. Is one allowed to claim unemployment benefits during this period? It’s a bit confusing because that job-seeking permit is not really a work permit (which needs to be applied for again), so I do not know if the new rules then exclude the possibility of receiving benefits during job-seeking following the original employment.
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Switzerland can in this context be compared to a EU/EEA-country, BUT as a non-EU citizen you can not include periods with stays in other EU-countries.

Only periods with stay in Denmark and other nordic countries can be included when calculating whether you meet the residence requirement.

Please read more in our article about the residence requirement.

So it will not make sense for you to join an A-kasse. Only after you have stayed in Denmark for 6 years it will be relevant to apply for A-kasse membership.

Generel comment about researchers:

Employed researchers have a subsequent job search period included in their residence and work permit. The Job-search period dont include a work-permit (only residence-permit).

However, If you apply for prolongation/new residence and work permit before the current expires, then you are also allowed to work in the waiting period while the immigration service processes your case. In this situation it should be possible to get unemployment benefits. But please get this confirmed by your A-kasse.

If employed researchers lose their job before time, they also lose their right to stay in Denmark legally, and thus cannot benefit from unemployment benefit.

Please comment here, if you need further assistance.