Other unemployment insurance apart from a-kasser?

Is there any other unemployment insurance apart from a-kasser I could join?
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Yes, nearly all the A-kasse offers also an additional wage-insurance. But it is NOT supported by the danish state, and therefor you have to pay more (its like a normal insurance). Its called "Lønsikring". We also have an article/comparison of Lønsikring on our site.

The page on our site is here: https://a-kasser.dk/lønsikring/

But try to search on Google for Lønsikring. Also normal insurance companies offers this product.

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In this Lønsikring it says that I should have a-kasser to be eligible
is this a requirement?
for Lønsikring
Yes in nearly all of the A-kasser who offers Lønsikring (wage-insurance) it is offered as a supplement to the ordinary A-kasse membership. So if you want to buy the Lønsikring in these A-kasser you must be a member and pay also for the ordinary Unemployment Insurance.

However, in 1 of the A-kasser in our comparison you can buy Lønsikring without being a member of an A-kasse. This is in "Frie Funktionærer".

The Lønsikring offered by normal private insurance companies (like TopDanmark etc.) you can buy free as you wish.
if so I should start paying
ok. got it. I will take a look.
is it easy to join the a-kasser if i want?
topdanmark requires
and privatsikring too.
Yes you can do as long as you live in Denmark. You can always join A-kasse. But only do this if you can gain from the benefits. If you consider Lønsikring also be aware of the conditions ...read them carefully before buying insurance.
they say in the webpage:
... You must be a member of a Danish A-kasse..
yes. tks for all support
OK no problem. You are welcome