Receiving dagpenge from A-kasse, while searching for job in Poland?

My friend last few years works in Denmark, and he pays A-Kasse for all
this years. Now he want to go back to Poland and try to found some
job there. Can he get some money from A-Kasse for that time before he
will found some job, and if yes then what maximum period is that?
MvH Bartosz
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it is possible to travel to Poland (or another EU/EEA country) to search for job, and at the same time have dagpenge paid from a danish A-kasse for up to maximum 3 months.

However there are some requirements that must be fulfilled to being able to use this special opportunity.

We have an article on our website, which carefully describes the requirements, so it would be best just to have a look at that page.

If you have further questions - you are welcome to write me again.

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