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I have been applied to the new 7 years rule. I am not an EU citizen and I have been only 1 year in Denmark. I have contacted my A-kasse company asking for a refund for the months I paid for but they replied that it is something with the government not with us because we take only 89kr from the monthly paid money and the rest goes to the government. In addition they informed me that the government told them that they are not willing to refund the people. So the matter is now is concerned only to you ( akassa Dk/ the government) not the companies.
So how can I get my money back?
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we do not give advice about this (getting money back). We are only a website about the A-kasser and a (free) guide about Unemployment benefits.

We can not help you here...the only chance we see, if your A-kasse will not pay you back, is to make a complaint to the public Authority that delas with complaints over A-kasse.

You can find more information here:

The page is only available in danish, but you could try to call Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekruttering,

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Then who is responsible for refund?

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