Then who is responsible for refund?

i have same situation and been only 4 years but i paid 3 years of membership to a-kasse. then who is responsible to ask for paying the money back?
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our website is only a guide about A-kasse membership and the rules concerning Unemployment benefits.

We are not an A-kasse, and people who sign Up for A-kasse does not become member with us. They become member of an A-kasse. The monthly fee is paid only to the A-kasse, not us.

So we only offer a free guide, that people can use if they like to. But the agreement about A-kasse membership is made with the A-kasse, not us.

So unfortunately we can not help you.

The problem for you and others in your situation is that there actually is no people or companies who are responsible for paying your money back.

It is our opinion, that you legally do not have the right to get your money back. But we can not say for sure, so the only way to figure it out will be to make a complain to the relevant Public Authority, as described in this Q&A:

You have been covered by the unemployment Insurance for the years you have paid, and if you had got fired during the last 2 years, you would have been able to use the Unemployment Insurance to get benefits. However you have not been in a situation where you should use the Insurance.

So you can compare it with all other kinds of insurance, sometime one pay for insurance, but never come in a situation where they use the insurance.

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