Do i need to cancel jobnet, if I will work for 1 month?

I will have an internship for 1 month and it is payed. Do i need to cancel my jobnet for that month?
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Yes you must unsubscribe as unemployed at when you get work for at least 14 days. Your A-kasse will automatically be informed about your job, and will not pay dagpenge, until you register as unemployed again at

You must on your first day at work unsubscribe as unemployed from

However already when there is less than 4 weeks until your start date of job, you can log in to and write your start date for your new job. You will then automatically de unsubscribed from the day you start working.

Remember to register as unemployed again on the day you again want to receive dagpenge. It is the registration at which is the important factor in relation to your right to receive dagpenge.

If you unsubscribe before start of new job, remember:

As long as you receive dagpenge, regardless of you have unsubscribed from a future date, you must check your job proposals until you begin your new job - you are in principle obliged to be active jobseeker.

If you are called into meetings or activities by your Job center or a-kasse, you still have compulsory attendance until the day you start your new job. If it happens try to call the Jobcenter or A-kasse, maybe they will accept to handle things over phone.

By working you will get a longer period with dagpenge afterwards

1 months of work will give you 1 month more with dagpenge on the last end, because you dont use of your 2-year period in that month.

Furthermore every hour you work will give 2 more hours with dagpenge, when the ordinary 2-years period has expired.

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