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Hi there!

First of all, thank you very much for answering those questions. You are providing a great help for us, expats, and it is indeed highly appreciated.

I know this new requirements rule is not yet set, so, there might be still few changes to it in the end. But!

I am a non-eu citizen and by January 2019 I will have stayed in Denmark only for 3,5 years. However, previously, I have studied for 5 years in a non-eu country.

I know there is an exemption about education years in other countries (EU or non-EU), can I use this exemption?

Kindest regards,
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Everybody need to meet this new requirement (danish citizens, EU-citizens and non EU-citizens).

But the new rule will be more difficult to fulfill for non-EU citizens compared to EU-citizens, because only EU-citizens can include periods with stays in other EU/EEA-countries.

Non-EU citizens can only include periods with stay in Denmark or another nordic country.

The exemptions in the new law, where stay outside EU/EEA do not have negative impact, can be used by anyone (EU or non-EU citizen).

One of them is periods (during the last 12 years) where one have been studying outside EU/EEA. However this exception can only be used if you were staying in Denmark immediately before the education was begun.

In this case even studies outside Denmark/EU will still be counted as stay inside Denmark, when calculating the "7 out of 12 years". (in 2019 only 5 out of 12, and in 2020 6 of out 12).

This must be seen as part of the current Government attempt to make new laws that attract high educated people to Denmark.

I assume that you were not reciding in Denmark before the studies you have completed in a non-EU country. So the years with study can not be counted in meeting the 5 out of 12 years residency condition in 2019.

Best regards,

Anders Weber,

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Non EU education years

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