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In august 2019 I will apply for the (dagpenge) and I will have been residing in Denmark for 4 years and 3 months, and I have studied for at least 2 years within the last 8 years (starting from aug 2019) in my home country which is not an EU country.
I have the translated and the approved documents for my non EU education.
BS, I didnt graduate because I left the country (syria) and I am a refugee in Denmark.
thanks for the answers.
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As an refugee in Denmark, who has been granted Asylum, you can also count periods with stays in other EU/EEA-countries.

Education conducted in other countries (EU or non-EU countries) can be included according to one of the excemptions in the law. However only if you stayed in Denmark immediately prior starting education in the other country.

So only if you stayed in Denmark before starting education in Syria, or you have stayed in another EU-country during the last 12 years, you will be able to have enough years (5 of of the last 12 years) to meet the requirement in 2019.

Be aware that the new rule (residence requirement) will be phased in over three years.

Please read more in our article about the new rule.

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Hi again.
Regarding the same question about the education outside EU or Denmark,
It looks like in the latest changes in "law draft or bill" that the the person who had education years from outside EU must have been residing in Denmark before taking the education outside EU...
I mentioned that I am from syria and had education years "though not graduated" right before I move to Denmark as refugee... "education papers translated and approved her in Denmark".
If  I add the partial residency her in Denmark to only one year of my past non EU education then I might get "dagpenge". But I need clarification for this.

One more question please, let us assume that I will not be eligible to "dagpenge".. Ok?
I am studying now as IT SUPPORTER, that is "Erhvervsuddannelse", and will be graduated in August 2019 at which I will have been a member of an A kasse for more than 1 years:
Q: will I be able to get the "Dagpenge" as a graduate of an "Erhvervsuddannelse" taking into consideration that I don't fulfill the "residency conditions, Opholdskrav", because Vocational Educations are exception, maybe ...?

I Really Thank you..

the rules are pretty clear:
1. The education you have from Syria can NOT be included in fulfilling the residency condition of 5 out of 12 years in 2019. You were not residing/living in Denmark before you started this education in Syria.

You can not include/count any (neither full or partial..) of the years you stayed in Syria/non-EU country before coming to Denmark.

2. About your second question. The new residence condition ("opholdskrav") also applies for graduates. I am sorry but there is no speciel exception for Vocational Educations.
The only education where you can get dagpenge without meeting the residence condition is the IGU-education.

However, there should be a good chance that you will be able to get integration allowance ("integrationsydelse"). Whether if this is possible and about the conditions for this, you must talk to your municipality office or maybe ask your A-kasse.

Further comments are welcome.

Best regards,
Anders Weber,
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