Will the new law from Jan 1, 2019 affect me?

Hi, I started my PhD in September 2017. If I join the A-kasse now, would the new law affect me after it gets passed. Best wishes, M.
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yes the new law will affect you, regardless of when you have joined an A-kasse. So, especially if you are a non EU/EEA citizen,
for whom it will difficult to meet the new requirement of 5 years stay in Denmark out of the last 12 years in 2019 (and up to 7 out of 12 years in 2021), you should consider if joining an A-kasse will give meaning for you.

According to the law proposal, the new law will be phased in over three years, so the requirement will be:

  • in 2019 the requirement is five out of the last twelve years
  • in 2020 the requirement is six out of the last twelve years
  • in 2021 the requirement is seven out of the last twelve years

The requirement must be meet at the time you apply for Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge").

You read more in our article about the requirement:

As a non-EU citizens you can only include periods with stay in Denmark or other nordic countries.

Only EU-citizens can include periods with stay from other EU/EEA-countries.

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