If a bachelor graduate from Norway can get money for an animation internship in Viborg?

So I've been offered an internship at the animation studio Nørlum. They asked if I am eligible for Social unemployment benefit from you. And I don't know. I havent even heard of A-kasser before, I haven't worked for over a year in total, I have a bachelors degree in animation from norway and I am norwegian. So am I eligible?

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Olav Narten Christiansen
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you dont give us much information...we need to know:

  1. Will you live in Denmark during your internship in Nørlum?
  2. Are you a present member of A-kasse in Denmark or a similar insurance/Unemployment Insurance Scheme in Norway?
  3. Are you eligible for benefits in Norway? For instance based on your bachelor education? Or in other ways.
  4. Do you receive Unemployment benefits in Norway at the moment?

We hope you will answer these questions...then we will able to give you an answer.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Okay I have a registered profile of a-kasse and nav.no, but i'm not a member of that or anything else.
Yes, I would live in Viborg, Denmark if I got the Nørlum internship.
I don't have any Unemployment benefits at the moment.
I'm not certain, but pretty sure I would be eligble if the intership was situated in norway. I am currently contacting Nav.no for information on that.

Best regards

Olav Narten Christiansen
if you find out that you are eligible for unemployment benefits in Norway, then you may be able to transfer your rights to the danish A-kasse system, and in this way obtain right to benefits in Denmark in an easier way.
You can read our article about transferring periods of work and insurance from another EEA Country here:

But as you say you are not at the moment member of A-kasse or similar in Norway.
For being eligible for benefits in Denmark one of the requirements is that you have been member of an A-kasse for at least 1 year.

You will not be able to get benefits here in Denmark according to the special favourable rule for graduates, based on your bachelor degree. This requires that you were living in Denmark prior to starting the education and also again right after finishing education.
Graduates do not need to have been member of an A-kasse for 1 year before claiming benefits.

You can reply if you need more information.