A-kasse and Union - do I need both?

I wanted to know if you could help me on which A kasse is the ideal choice? I have recently started work in Denmark in IT and have been told to join an A Kasse as soon as possible.
I'm an IT Professional currently working for Mærsk so I wanted to know if you had any recommendatons as to which A Kasse is better for me?
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I need some information. Do you have a graduate degree from University?
I have a Graduate degree (not Postgraduate such as Masters or PhD)
Graduate*, BSc in Computing
Ok fine.
My recommendations about A-kasse will be to choose either "MA A-kasse" (a general A-kasse for higher educated people) or "Min A-kasse". Min A-kasse cooperate close with PROSA. PROSA is the main trade Union for IT professionals in Denmark. Min A-kasse is known for having a very high member satisfaction, and also they know about your proffesional field. Futhermore they are among the cheapest offers if you only want A-kasse. You dont need to be member of PROSA also, but could be something to consider also.
Sorry, I've never heard of PROSA, is that a union?
Also thank you for the recommendation
Yes PROSA is only a UNION. They don't offer A-kasse. But since Min A-kasse and PROSA have strong relations it seems for me to be the right choice for you.
Okay, I'm not sure if you can answer but as a non Danish citizen, is it worth also joining PROSA, or just to go for an A Kasse?
The decision should not depend on you are a danish citizen or not. In Denmark some UNIONS for instance 3F having many cases where they have trials against employers of foreign workers, and 3F have won theses cases, and by this way helped the non Danish workers here in DK to get money the should have been paid. So you decision about joining UNION/PROSA or not should be a question like danes ask themselves. Do I think I need help with legal thing and that kinds. But as you work in Mærsk, I assume that your contract and working conditions are good.
That's true. Thanks for the explanation. Luckily, my working conditions are very good and I have not had any problems so far.