Does small business operations/freelancing contradicts with the right of receiving the unemployment support?

Dear A-kasse Team,

I am soon to be fresh graduate and I have some questions concerning having a CVR/small business operations/Freelance jobs and still not loose the right to receive unemployement support. I am little bit confused in this case and few questions has popped up that I would like to clarify.

It is said, that: "The amount of dagpenge you receive is reduced if you pick up any freelance or other type of part-time employment while unemployed. "
1. Does that mean that I can be registered in, have a CVR and still be eligible for receiving a unemployment support?  
2. Based on what or HOW is measured the amount of how much of dagpenge will be reduced (Working hours I estimated it took me? Income per month for the work?) ?
3. Does it differ when it is danish CVR number or if I have CVR registered in foreign (my home) country?
4. Until when I am still eligible for receiving the unemployement support and when is the point loose this right?

Tusind Tak
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first of all I want to start telling you that the rules concerning self-employed, freelancere etc. will be changed significantly from 01.10.2018. From 01.10.2018 the unemployment benefit system for self-employed, freelancere etc, become more in agreement with modern ways of working. The change have been decided because many people today work as salaried as well as freelancer/self-employed.

At this point we have only described the coming new rules in a danish article:ændig/dagpengeret.html

We will also as soon as possible update the english section with this information.

But because you will soon graduate I answer your question in accordance with the existing rules as they are today.

If you have CVR/small business operations when applying for unemployment benefits, the A-kasse will assess whether your self-employment should be considered as your main employment or as an secondary activity (that can be conducted together with a full time job).

If the A-kasse decides that your activity must be considered to be your main employment, then you need to stop/unregister your CVR or in other ways prove that your business is closed, before you can receive unemployment benefits.

If, on the other hand, the A-kasse decides that your business activities can be seen as secundary (in danish: "bibeskæftigelse") AND the work in your company at anytime can be conducted outside normal workinghours, then you can be granted up to 78 weeks with normal unemployment benefits while you continue with the CVR/company. The normal benefits period for salaried is 104 weeks (2 years).

In the A-kasse your business will be registered as "bibeskæftigelse"/secondary.

This is ONLY possible if you can convience the A-kasse, that you at ANY time can conduct work in your company outside normal working hours.

The rule is this way, because when you receive benefits you must at all time being able to take a full time job with 1 days notice. This is only possible if you company activity can be conducted outside normal workinghours.

We assume now that you get the accept from your A-kasse that your company can be seen as "bibeskæftigelse"/secondary. In this case all hours you use in your company must be deducted on the monthly benefit card (you fill out at you A-kasse's website once every month). You are obliged to tell the A-kasse how many hours you work in your company every month. For these hours you will NOT receive unemployment benefits/your dagpenge will be reduced.

It is HOURS that is crucial NOT how much money you earn in these hours. You are not obliged to inform the A-kasse about how much you actually earn of income from your company - only the HOURS you spend on your company.

It is not differ when it is danish CVR number or if you have CVR registered in a foreign country. It is the hours you spend in your company that is crucial.
But if you have your company registered in another country you must still be able to convience the A-kasse that always can take a full time job (in Denmark) with 1 days notice. 

You can get benefits from day 1 after graduation If you have been member of an A-kasse for at least 1 year when graduating. If you have not been member for 1 year, then you get 1 months quarantine before you can start receiving unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge").

We strongly recommend you to contact your A-kasse and ask about how your CVR/business can affect your unemployment benefits. Also how the new rules that come into effect from 01.10.2018 will affect you.

Depending on whether you get unemployment benefits with your company registered as "bibeskæftigelse" or you close your company and receive benefits as a "normal" graduate, then you can have benefits for 78 weeks or 104 weeks.

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