My benefits in case I had no residence before starting my master here in Denmark


I just recieved the massage from my CA kasse that I cannot be a member and won't get any benefits since I had no residence before starting my master here in Denmark.
Is there any a-kasse where I can be a member despite just studying my master here?
Or is that a general rule? I am graduated now and was a member of the A kasse for over a year.
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it is a general rule according to law. So there is no need to try in another A-kasse. There are strict requirements for staying in Denmark no later than the day before starting the education and again latest 14 days after finishing education. However you dont need to stay in Denmark DURING your education. If you were not staying in Denmark at latest the day before starting you master, then I am afraid that what CA A-kasse is telling you is correct. So you will not be able to get benefits according to the favourable rule for graduates. You need to gain right to benefits in the "normal way". This means that you must have income/work for 1 year before you can have benefits in case of unemployment.

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Thank you so much, that is great news! I was in Denmark the day before, I just did not have a permanent address.
OK, to fulfill the requirement you need to have a registered address in Denmark or in other way prove that you were actually living in Denmark at latest the day before you started education. It may not need to be your permanent address, but you must have been staying in Denmark, for instance with a friend, family or other.

A landlord's statement that the you have rented a property in the two periods (1 day before beginning education and again at latest 14 days after finishing education) may be sufficient proof of a place of residence.

However you must be aware that the A-kasse will make a concrete assessment in each case.
I arrived in Denmark a few days before my education started. And since I am an EU citizen from Germany it would fullfill the term legal, right?
Yes as an EU-citizen, you can stay legal in Denmark, you dont need special work-permit, and therefor you are also eligible for unemployment benefits after having completed a master of at least 18 months duration here in Denmark.
Thank you very much for your help.
Ok thanks and good luck with job search