Internship and part-time jobs for unemployed graduates?

1. If I am being offered a full-time internship for more than 8 weeks, should I pause my unemployment status?
Also, can I be paid for an internship? If so, is there a minimum/maximum rate for the pay?

2. If I am being offered a temporary part-time job (meaning, for a fixed term), am I allowed to accept that offer? Should I take a vacation for that period and re-register my unemployment benefit after it ends and I'm still not employed full-time?
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you are not allowed to work and at the same time receive unemployment benefits. This is regardless of you get paid or not, or whether it is a normal paid job or internship.

This is due to the fact that you can not be available for taking a job with one days notice, as long as you have the internship. This is one of the requirements for being eligible for getting Unemployment benefits.

You are required to provide information about all kinds of work (paid or not) on your monthly unemployment benefit card.

For the hours/days/weeks where you are in the internship you will not receive benefits.

Internship agreed with the Jobcenter

After some weeks unemployment (13-26 weeks depending on age) everybody are allowed to find a company which want to "hire you" for free for 2-4 weeks. In this period - if the necessary document/agreement with Jobcenter about the internship is in place - you can still get Unemployment benefits. If you receive Unemployment benefits as an graduate the internship can have a duration for up to 8 weeks, while still receiving Unemployment benefits from the A-kasse.

Can you get paid for an internship?

It is entirely up to your employer/the company where you get the internship.

Are you allowed to accept a temporary part-time job?

I think maybe it will be good for you to watch the video we have launched today. It's a video in english, that explains the new rules and your options (eg. to have job) during your unemployment period. You can watch the 5 min. video here.

But in short I can say that it is only a very good thing if you get a part-time job. In fact according to the new rules that came into effect from july 01, 2017, you will be rewarded in 2 ways by having also short term paid work. As long as you have paid work you don't spend of your unemployment benefits hours AND at the same time you can use the working hours to extend your period with Unemployment benefits in the last end......1 hour of paid work will give you 2 more hours of unemployment benefits in the last end. You can extend your period with unemployment benefits from the ordinary 2 year period, up to maximum 3 years. One year extra with benefit requires 962 hours of work. Because 962 hours of work gives you 1.924 hours (=1 year) extra benefits.

As long as you provide information about your working hours on your unemployment benefit card, it is allowed to accept all types of jobs. So do not take vacation or deregister from the Unemployment system.

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