need information

I want to know some information about A-kasse.
How to start.
I'm a new in Denmark.
in A-kasse membership by

1 Answer

If you are student you have right to 5 years of FREE membership.
We will advice you to join as soon as possible.
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If you are employee an earn  wages then you should apply for membership
as employee.
Before you are entitled to unemployment benefit, you must:
1.  have beeen member of an a-kasse for at least one year
2.  have worked in all at least 1,924 hours in your membership period.

It looks you are a NON EU/EEA-citizen.
As non-EEA citizen you are, however only entitled to benefits if you have a work permit.
Upon graduation from a Danish higher education institution, your residence permit will
remain valid for an additional six months, allowing you to seek employment in Denmark.

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