question on unemployment benefits

I would like to know when income from abroad can, or have to, be taken into consideration and how is assesed

Where can the regulation about this be found? I talked to an a-kasse agent but he seemed not to know much about it
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the regulation is called "Bekendtgørelse om beskæftigelseskrav for lønmodtagere og dagpengeperiode" and you can find it here (it is only in danish):
At our website we also have commented this regulation especially §16 which is relevant for your question, se here:

Work from abroad can be taken into account but only if you have been employed at usual pay and working conditions in the employment country. Your A-kasse will ask for paycheck(s), jobcontract etc. so they can check if the work has been on usual pay and working conditions.

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Thanks for your fast reply! I can see it says it can be taken into account, but not when it has to be. Is it up to the akasses to assess it?
if you get unemployed and apply for unemployment benefits, the A-kasse decide if your work/income from abroad can be taken into account. As mentioned in our first answer they will off course ask for documentation.
If you disagree in the decision made by the A-kasse you always have the possibility to complain about the decision. In Denmark we have special authorities to handle complains on the social security field.
Hope you are more clear now.

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Thanks! I talked to an agent and I found out a bit more. He told me that it could be that working hours from abroad can possibly be taken into account but likely not the amount of salary, because it is from abroad, in a different currency or something similar.

If this is correct in his answer, I did not understand, how do they calculate the salary (if it is relevant for the benefits)?

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normally the A-kasse will take into account the last 3 months salary when they calculate how much you can get in unemploymenet benefits. Maybe I think thats why the agent answered like he did. Maybe he think that your working hours/income from abroad is from more than 3 monts ago.
But it is true that the hours from abroad must be taken into account, and in Denmark you must have had at least 52 weeks (1.924 hours) of work within the last three years.
You must be aware that only working hours during membership-periods of an A-kasse (or similar in other country) will be taken into account.

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Yes, it also affects some of the last 3 months, is that a problem?

He mentioned that the hours would probably be taken into account, but I recall he mentioned something about a conversion rate to a salary.
no it should not be a problem wheather your income/hours is from Denmark or other country as long as you have been member of an A-kasse (in Denmark or other country). The A-kasse must take into account working hours from abroad also from within the last 3 months. And the salary you have earned will be calculated in danish kroner.