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I am writing on behalf of MB, owner and CEO of "L ApS".

Could you tell me whether it makes sense for MB to be a paying member in this situation: he owns the company and he is an employee in his company.  

Thank you in advance!
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This answer was updated november 23, 2017:


if he owns the company he is regarded as self-employed in the Unemployment benefit system, no matter how he get paid.

Self-employed and owners who have their company as their main occupation can only get unemployment benefits if the company goes bankruptcy/is closed.

In order to be entitled to unemployment benefit in case, the company must close the person must have been member of an A-kasse for at least 1 year, and he must have had an income of at least DKK 223,428 (2017) in total during the last 3 years.

A maximum of DKK 18,619 can be counted each month.

However, only periods/months of self-employment conducted in significant extent, can be counted to meet the income requirement.

A month with self-employment in significant extent is regarded/equated to compliance with the income ceiling (DKK 18,619) for one month.

If the A-kasse considers that your work in the company has not been significant, work as a self-employed person can not count towards the employment/income requirement.

It is not possible with the current rules, to have both income from salaried job and income from self-employed business count in the income requirement. This is because members who have self-employed activities to a significant extent can not count more than 37 hours per week to employment requirement.

However new rules for self-employed will come into effect from october 2018. You can read about the coming changes for self-employed in our article here (in danish).

How much can he get in unemployment benefits?

You can receive 90% of your previous income in unemployment benefits, but a maximum of DKK 18,403 per person. month (2017) for a full-time insured member.

The amount of the unemployment benefits is calculated as an average of the 2 years with the highest tax profit before interest and other financial items within the last 5 completed income years prior to the date of unemployment. A-indkomst paid by a company to the owner who has a decisive influence is included in the statement.

Which A-kasse should he choose to become member of?

He should choose one of the a-kasser targeted towards self-employed. Look here: http://a-kasser.dk/selvstændig/