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I'm an international student who studies in Horsens.
I'm going to graduate from VIA University College, Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management in June and I would like your help of what I have to do to apply for A-kasser.
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It is a good idea to apply to an unemployment fund, before you have completely finished your course.

You tell you will finish in june. Therefor you can NOT apply for FREE membership for students, because for that you have to have more than 1 year left of study.

But you can use the special rule for new graduates.

It says that you can apply for membership up to 4 month before ending study and latest 2 weeks after.
You shall not pay for membership before from the day you ending study.
The 2 week rule is very important to fulfill, otherwise you will not could receive unemployment benefits under the favourable graduates rule.

You can apply for free study-membership if you continue with Master after finish BA.

How to apply for membership?, please look at our website:

Click on links or logos at our website to go to the A-kasse of your choice.

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I have just talked to my collegue about your question.

He told that you can apply for free study-membership (also) in your situation where you have more than 4 months left.

Even though you will not have been member for 1 year when ending study, we will advice you to apply for membership now.

Why are we talking about to different rules/membership?
The best for you is (free) studymembership for more than one year before ending study, because then you wil be eligible for unemployment benefits from DAY 1 after ending study.

If you use the "new graduates rule", where you apply from 4 month before ending study you will be eligible for unemployment benefits from 1 MONTH after ending study.

So, because you have not been member for more than one year you will lose one month payment (about 14.000 DKK)....

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