Fired under pregnancy sick

I just got fired letter after I send sick certificate from doctor to supervisor. Wow what a surprise. I work fulltime cleaning assistant and this is my 14 weeks pregnancy and got infection so doctor advices me to have rest for 3 weeks. I dont have union and if I join today will they look my case before  the agreement between me and union ? Thank you
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You can only get help from Union with "cases" that have arisen after you have registered with the Union.

You may not be fired due to pregnancy or during maternity or adoption.

According to the Equal Treatment Act ("Ligebehandlingsloven") , employers must be able to prove that a dismissal of a pregnant employee is NOT due to the pregnancy.

It will be difficult for you without some help from lawyer, but you could try to contact "Retshjælpen" in your town, and ask what options you have to get some lawyer help.

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Hi Anders, can i be the member of det faglige hus, and they work similar as 3F and FOA, just want to save money.

Thank you.

yes you will get the same legal help with membership in "Det Faglige Hus" as you will in 3F or FOA.

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