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I have been on A Kasse since 1st of July 2020. In July, I have been mostly on holiday, but I have asked for dagpenge for 5 days. My a-kasse is saying that they won’t give me the money for the dagpenge, because I am entitled to receiving money for less than 2 working days.  I have been on holiday for 18 days, and for each day they’re deducing 7.4 h. This means they deduct 133,2 hours.    
In addition to this, they have to deducted for the two g-days: 2 x 7,4 = 14,8 hours (I have no clue what g days are and I have asked them multiple times what that is and they have not replied)

In total, due to the whole calculations (160-133,2-14,8) it means that I will be eligible only for 12,33 h, which is less than 2 dagpenge days.
Is that correct?
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it is correct that the law says that the A-kasse should not pay dagpenge for a specific month if (for any reason) the member have not right to at least 14,8 hours dagpenge, which is the same a two days.

Your employer should pay your first two unemployment days, thats called G-days. Because you should get the money from your (former) employer, it will be deducted in your dagpenge. So this looks also correct.

But check if you have received the money for the two G-days from your former employer. If not I will recommend you to tell that to the A-kasse.

But otherwise the calculation looks correct, so you will not receive dagpenge for July.

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