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Now I've applied for A-kasse as a newly graduate from bachelor. I know that after one month if I still couldn't find a job, i can receive unemployment benefits. My scenario is if I have received dagpenge for 5months after graduated and I continue a master degree after that and still pay for A-kasse while studying (I'm over 30). So once I finish with Master degree, will I be granted a new 2 year period with dagpenge(as a newly graduate) or will I have 5 months left, count from the day I first received dagpange after my bachelor?
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if the master it self meets the requirements for graduate-rights, then you will get a new 2-year period with dagpenge after finishing master.

The master must have a duration of at least 18 months, and being public recognized, to qualify for graduate-rights.

Let me know if you need further information.

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