Do I need an address in Denmark after graduating while I am on a holiday?

Dear Anders,

I am going to graduate this June from a university in Denmark; I am an EU citizen (German); I am currently a member of an a-kasse as a student now.

After my graduation, I would like to take a few months off, just to relax. In several of your answers, I read that

- after graduation, I need to register as a graduate (get graduate status) in my A-kasse BEFORE I leave Denmark and go on holiday, and no later than 2 weeks after graduation.

- my waiting period ("karensperiode") starts the day from when I am approved for dagpenge as a graduate in my A-kasse.

- graduates with a waiting period are not required to register at the Jobcenter ( before the month has passed.

- When I am registered with graduate status I have up to 2 years to begin to spend my right to unemployment benefits (dagpenge"). So by this option I only register as a graduate - but don't register as unemployed and don't receive dagpenge.

That way, I can graduate in June, register as a graduate within 2 weeks, but can relax for (up to) 2 years before registering as unemployed, correct?

Now I have 3 more questions I couldn't find an answer to:

1. Do I then already have meetings with either A-kasse or Jodcenter in Denmark?
2. Do I need an address in Denmark at any time BEFORE registering as unemployed (i.e. while in "graduate" status)?
3. AFTER registering as unemployed at the danish Jobcenter (, can I directly start my 3-month period of looking for a job in another EU country (Germany, my home country) and begin to receive my unemployment benefits from Denmark ? Or do I first need an address in Denmark - and if so, when and for how long?

Thank you for your help Anders, and have a great day!

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You are right about the first part - You have up to two years to register as unemployed and start receiving dagpenge. You do not need to meet further requirements. You have the right only based on your completed education.

Your other questions:

1. You will only have meetings with Jobcenter and A-kasse after you have registered as unemployed, and actually begin to receive dagpenge.

2. As long as you only are registered with the graduate status (but don't receive dagpenge/and are not registered as unemployed), then you can do what ever you want, and travel to/stay in any country you want. You do not need to keep/have an address registered in Denmark. But to keep your graduate status you need to keep your A-kasse membership/pay to A-kasse.

As long as you don't work in another EU-country you can keep your danish A-kasse membership. However if you begin to work in another EU-country you must become member of unemployment Insurance in that country.

3. You must have been registered as an unemployed jobseeker with for at least 4 weeks, before you can use the 3-months jobseeker rule. However if you go to your home country (Germany), then you only need to be registered as unemployed for 1 week. And you must be entitled to receive unemployment benefits. These two things are only possible if you have an address in Denmark.

As always I will recommend you to get this information confirmed by your own A-kasse.

Let me know if You have further questions.

Best regards,

Anders Weber,
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