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Hi Anders,

Thank you for your answers.
Regarding the first one, I asked my A-kasse, unfortunately they did not really got what my question was. I tried several times. I know, I am able to go wherever I would like to in that one month. The question was mainly about, that the quarantine starts then from the date of graduation and also ends after one month, even if I don't ask for dagpenge right after that one month quarantine is gone?

In my case I graduate 18th of December, I could receive dagpenge from 19th of January. But I'd like to ask it from 1st of February. And in that case it doesn't matter if I understand well, because the quarantine counts from the day of graduation.
And so it is totally fine, I sign up for on the 1st of February and my quarantine period is already gone.
Is that correct?

I know you suggested me to ask my A-kasse, but if we understood the same thing from what they said.

Kind regards and thank you once again,
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yes your waiting period ("karensperiode") starts the day from when you are approved for dagpenge as graduate in your A-kasse. Graduates with a waiting period are not required to register at the Jobcenter ( before the month has passed. If they do this anyway, they will be called in for talks with the A-kasse and the Jobcenter.

So if that date will be the 19th of December then your quarantine period will be gone 1 month later (19th of January 2020).

After that you will have right to receive dagpenge, but you dont need to. If you still want more holiday, you can just tell the A-kasse/Jobcenter that you are on holiday and don't want to receive dagpenge. Remember always to notify Jobcenter/A-kasse about holiday at latest 14 days before start of holiday.

On your monthly "dagpengekort" for January 2020, you must register that you have been on holiday from 19th of January to 1st of February. Then you will not receive dagpenge for your holiday, from 19th of January to 1st of February.

When you come back to Denmark, around 1st of February, you must register as unemployed in Jobcenter ( The A-kasse will then pay you dagpenge from 1st of February, because from that date you no longer have waiting period or holiday, and therefore are fully available for the labor market.

Best regards,

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