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I'm living in Denmark but I work in Germany. But now because of virus I entered kurzarbeit. I will get small money but not enough to survive. I live alone and I have to pay rent and everything. Do I have any rights for little extra support from you? I contacted kommune aabenraa and they told me to ask you
Thank you
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first of all I must tell you that we are not an A-kasse - we are a general guide about all the Danish A-kasser. So we can never help with any financial support - only guidance about membership and the rules.

However, when you work in Germany, you are covered by the social security/Unemployment Insurance Scheme in Germany.

So therefore you must contact the relevant authorities in Germany - about Unemployment benefits you must contact Bundesagentur für Arbeit. I have found a page on their website about kurzarbeitergeld, which I think can be relevant for you. There seem to be an option to get some supplementary benefits if you have "kurzarbeit". You can find the page here:


But you must find out if you have to meet certain requirements for getting the benefits in Germany.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk