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Dear A Kasse,

My name is "N" and I am doing my PhD at Arhus university hospital and employed by university, now I want to register for A kasse unemployment insurance. I need help to how to start and fill the form.
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At our website we compare prices for all A-kasser (Unemployment funds) in Denmark.
Because you have a master/high education we will recommend to choose "MA A-kasse".
It has specialised in having members with high education also with your diciplin (health).
The process is the following:
1. Go to
2. Find the logo for "MA A-kasse" and click to go to the application form.
OR go directly here:
3. When you have arrived on "MA A-kasse" website scroll down and click on the button "Meld dig ind her".
4. Fill out the form (the form is more than one page - click "næste"/next when moving to next part).
5. When finished you will receive email-confirmation from the A-kasse.

Best wishes with job,
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