Am I eligible for an unemployment benefit?

I am freshly graduated AP degree student who is applying for a top up. I'm not a member of any Union.
In the third semester I went on Erasmus and therefore had to end my accomodation contract and change my CPR address to my home country, Czech republic. Fourth semester I spent abroad on an internship. During that year I did not visit Denmark up until before graduation last week. And I am staying at a friend's place and am in a search for an accomodation.
Would I be eligible for an unemployment benefit (being a resident of an EU country) or do I need to have a Danish CPR address?
Thank you for your answer
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to make things clear....for being eligible for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") you must be a member of an A-kasse. However you do not need to member of an Union. A-kasse and Union are two different things.

If you were staying in Denmark just before you started your AP and stayed/stay again in Denmark at latest 2 weeks after graduation, and you also sign up for membership in an A-kasse at latest 2 weeks after graduation, then you are eligible for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") after the special graduate rule.

As long as you meet these requirements then it is not relevant if you have been studying some semesters and/or have had internship outside Denmark.

You tell you are an EU-citizen, so I assume that you meet the residence requirement, i.e. have stayed in Denmark or another EU-country for at least 5 out of the last 12 years (in 2019).

You do not need to have a CPR, neither you need to have your own accomodation (it is ok to stay with a friend). However, you must expect that the A-kasse may require some kind of proof of your residence right before starting education, and again now.

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Anders Weber,

Thank you for your reply. I do have some clarifying questions if it's okay.

Do you know what kind of proof (after graduation) it can be they are seeking for? If I do not need to have my own accomodation.

Also, after the two weeks, I do not have to be present in Denmark right?

And if I will apply for the unemployment benefit and in a couple of months get accepted for a top up degree, after I graduate that one I'll be able eligible to receive the benefits as a graduate or do I need to meet the requirement of 1 year of working (income-requirement)?

Thank you

It is an assessment that the individual A-kasse will make, so I cannot say exactly what will be enough proof.
Off course a tenant agreement would be good to have. But if you stay free with your friend here in Denmark, then you don't have that. You may be able to prof your residence by showing some receipts or other kind of proof that you actually are living in Denmark.

You can only get dagpenge if you are living in Denmark. So you must be present in Denmark if you want to receive dagpenge.
The only option would be to have dagpenge paid while you look for job in another EU-country. But it's only possible for a limited time of maximum 3 months. You can read about this option here:

If you complete a Top UP with a duration of at least 18 months, then you will be eligible to receive dagpenge as a graduate (based on the completed Top Up alone). You do not need to have worked.

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