What are the requirements while beeing on A-kasse?

Do I have some meetings arranged while being on A-kasse, and how often? Can I take a holiday in the process, or should I be always available?
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you must be available to take job with one day notice, and you must attend to all meetings in Jobcenter and A-kasse. This means that you must stay in Denmark. You can take all the holiday you like, but then you will not receive Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") for this period.

After January 1, 2020:

The rules regarding duties and rights for unemployed who receives dagpenge, will be changed from January 1, 2020. 

After January 1, 2020 you must attend at 4 meetings in the Jobcenter during the first 6 months of unemployment. Further more there will be two meetings in the first 6 months, where the A-kasse will participate together with the Jobcenter and you (unless you say that you don't want to have your A-kasse present in the meetings).

After 6 months unemployment there will be no requirements in the law about the frequency of meetings in Jobcenter/A-kasse. This will be agreed individuelly between the Jobcenter and the unemployed. The unemployed is entitled to job interviews if he/she wish. At the same time the Jobcenter must hold job interviews with the person when the Jobcenter considers that it is needed.

Until December 31, 2019:

The current rules (that will apply until December 31, 2018) says that an unemployed should go to a meeting in the Jobcenter every time he/she have been unemployed for 1 month more. This also gives 6 meetings in the first 6 months. Also now the rules says that the A-kasse can participate in two of the meetings, unless you don't want this.

After 6 months unemployment, the meetings will be held at a frequency of 3 months.

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