3 days Feriepenge while receiving a-kasse?

Hi! I worked last year for a bit, and have earned therefore 3 holiday days. However there is a law that I can't receive this money at the same time and get unemployment money.
But as it is only 3 days, I was wondering if I can take my "holiday" on a weekend and take out my feriepenge? As unemployment money is not payed for weekends anyway? Will that decrease my unemployment money anyway?
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the A-kasse has access to see how much feriepenge (for how many days) you get paid, and they will be deducted in your dagpenge, no matter how and when you take your holiday.

But you should inform the A-kasse your self about any holiday, when you fill out the monthly "dagpenge-kort" in your A-kasse's self-service online solution.

So you can not choose to have your 3 holiday days in the weekends (where dagpenge is not paid for).

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk