Stay in DK before/after just AP or Top-up degree?

1.If I want to meet the 1 year period of being registered in A-kasse, do I then have to stay in Denmark an be registered here? Because I finish my danish education in June 2020, however I am leaving for one semester
Erazmus exchange to Rotterdam Netherlands. Is it possible to apply and
be a member of A-kasse during this period and meet the conditions?

2. If I meet the conditions and I am member of A-kasse for one year,
does this mean that I will have the membership for free for 5 years or
do I have to pay the price of around 500 DKK per month?

3. Are there any fees or withdrawals period when leaving from this
membership (a-kasser)? Or I paid the monthly fee and receive the
support of 13,489 DKK until I find a job?
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1. Important regarding graduates and A-kasse are the time up to the start of your education and the time right after finishing your education.
So you must meet the following two conditions for being able to get benefits as an graduate:
-You had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.
-You are in Denmark no later than 14 days (including weekends) after you end your education.

But it is NOT necessary to stay in Denmark DURING your study, so there is no problem with the Erasmus exchange. During your stay abroad you can continue the free  membership with the danish A-kasse.

2. You can only have free membership as long as you are studying. As soon as you graduate you must begin to pay the normal price, like you say around DKK 500 per month.

3. I am not sure I fully understand your third question - but you can receive dagpenge for up to two years, with
possibility to extend the period with up to 1 year more.
You can earn right to the extended period by working.
We have described these rules in details here.

You receive the graduate rate DKK 13,489 every month for the 2 year/3 year period, as long as you pay the monthly membership fee to your A-kasse, and off course are unemployed.

There will be no additional fees or withdrawals period if you leave the A-kasse. And You will not be asked to pay anything back of the dagpenge you have received during your unemployment period.

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Thank you for second and third answer but I have question for the
first one.

When you are taking in consideration these dates: 1 day before
starting of education and 14 days after graduation, is it regarded the
whole bachelor degree or just AP or Top-up degree?

Does this mean that I had to be present in Denmark at least 1 day
before I started my bachelor degree studies, and I have to be in
Denmark at least 14 days after my bachelor degree graduation?

I am asking since throughout my studies I have lot of traveling and I
was also doing some Erazmus exchanges and internship so I wasn't
always staying in Denmark. Therefore it is very important for me to
know which dates are considered for me to become eligable for
unemployment benefits. Regarding start of my studies, I was surely
present in Denmark more than 1 day before the start of my bachelor
degree and I am surelly planning to stay in Denmark for more than 14
days after my graduation.

Thanks in advance!

it depends on how the two "parts" of your education is considered - as
two individual educations or one full education.


Then you should get registered with graduate status
after completing Top-Up. For qualifying for graduate rights the TOP-UP
must in it self be of a duration of at least 18 months.

And if this is the case, then it is important that you were in Denmark 1
day before starting TOP-UP and again at latest 14 days after finishing

However we always recommend people to have their graduate rights registered in the A-kasse, already after finishing AP. In this way you can use your rights to begin to receive dagpenge, up to two years after finishing AP. This will be good to have this option, if you later drop out of the Top-UP or go on leave.


Then it is important that you were in Denmark 1 day before starting AP
and and again at latest 14 days after finishing TOP-UP/graduation.

Whether the AP and TOP-UP must be considered as 1 or two educations, I
am not qualified to tell you. You must contact the study-office at your
education and ask them.

The option to get graduate rights in A-kasse based on a full education consisting of "two parts", is especially relevant if the Top-UP not in it self qualify for dagpenge as an graduate, because it has an duration shorter than 18 months.

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