Do I have rights for holiday money under A-kasser?

During 2018 i was (and still am) receiving a-kasse. I got a message from my a-kasse that i have earned holiday money during 2018 which can be used in 2019. So far so good.

I went in to fill in the holiday paper and request my holiday money, but in that paper in the paragraph titled 'Right for the holiday money' i am asked numerous question, among the others 'Am I a Danish citizen?'. Which i am not.

(And just for the record, when holiday money is earned with a-kasser the holiday money paper is NOT filled at but on the a-kasse's website.)

First of all i don't understand why they are asking that as they already have all my information, and second do I have rights for holiday money under a-kasse if i am not a danish citizen?

Thank you.

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In order to receive holiday money from your A-kasse ("feriedagpenge"), you must be entitled to dagpenge at the time of your holiday. This means that you must meet the general conditions for entitlement to dagpenge.

Among other things this means, that you must be:

  1. available for the labour market
  2. have residence in Denmark
  3. have a sufficient residence and work permit
  4. stay in Denmark up to the start of your holiday

I know that these things should already be something that the A-kasse knows about you, because they pay dagpenge to you already. So I can not tell, why the A-kasse ask if you are a danish citizen.

When you have right to dagpenge then you also have right to feriedagpenge. The A-kasse can not set further conditions for you (because you are not a danish citizen) regarding your right to feriedagpenge. The right to feriedagpenge is something you have because you have had the right to receive dagpenge in the period where you earn feriedagpenge.

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