Receiving holiday money while on dagpenge


I am currently receiving dagpenge. I have earned
holiday money like 20.000 kr. for 20 days of holiday from my previous
employment. Now, I have received a mail from "Feriekonto" to claim the
holiday money. As I am on dagpenge, I need to talk with my
A-kasse before claiming holiday money. This holiday money I earned
from my pervious employer.

If I go to holiday in July, can I get my holiday money from
holidayknoto and regular benefits from A-kasse for the month of July.

Please, advise.

Kind regards,
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Hi M,

you can have holiday in july and get the 20 days from your
"feriekonto" paid, BUT you must tell the A-kasse that you have holiday for 20 days, and therefor you can not for the same period receive Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge").

However when you don't use of your dagpenge, the 20 days will be added to you max. period with dagpenge in the last end.

So your period with dagpenge can be 20 days longer.

In july you can get "Dagpenge" for rest of the month (about 10-11 days) - the days you don't have holiday.

Best regards,

Hi Anders,
Thank you for your reply. What will happen, if I go for holiday for 10
day  in July though I have earned holiday for 20 day. Then, can I get
unemployment benefit for 20-21 day in July.

Kind regards,

yes that's correct.

However, you should be aware that the A-kasse already knows that you
have 20 days holiday on your "Feriekonto".

And they can see if you get it all paid out from the feriekonto (for 20

So if you only take 10 days holiday but get paid from feriekonto for all
the 20 days - then the A-kasse will deduct the 20 days from your

Normally it would be best just to have all the money from feriekonto
paid out, and then have 20 days less with dagpenge.

Best regards,