Refund of money payed for 1.5 year to A-kasse?

I am not from EU ,I am from Eritrea. I came to Danmark in 7/10/2014 and I got a residens permit and work permit from7/04/2015a then I started as a member ship of 3f in 05/07/2017(I payed for the A-kasse for 1.5 year) and I am still continou and I am stilll at work as full time  but if the rules are really affects me so will I get the amout all I payed for 1.5 year?
  Thank for your help
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No there is nothing in the new law about refund of money. You must also consider this as other insurances you pay for. You have had unemployment insurance coverage for some of 2018.

However, if you think you do not meet the new residence requirement, then I will advice you to cancel your A-kasse membership.

Be aware that in 2019, the requirement is only 5 out of the last 12 years. And if you came to Denmark in October 2014, then you can meet the new requirement from October 2019 and rest of 2019.

However in 2020 you will have a problem again, because the requirement will be 6 out of the last 12 years in 2020.

Please contact your A-kasse to get guidance about your status in relation to the new residence requirement.

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