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Hi Anders,

Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry for the mistyping.

I moved to Denmark in December 2016 from a non-EU country, started my A-kasse in October 2017 and still paying for that.

I was just wondering that: I started my A-Kasse and paid already more than a year until the law was announced on 1st January 2019. I thought that I might use the benefits. It seems there is no meaning to pay for A-kasse anymore.

Is the law covering the refunds since I paid around 8000 kr for almost nothing?

Thank you.

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No there is nothing in the new law about refund of money. You must also consider this as an insurance you had until december 2018. However in your case you only could use the insurance in the period october 2018-december 31, 2018 (because it requires 1 year membership). So off course I can see that it feels wrong.

But you could try to contact your A-kasse and ask them, but as mentioned nothing in the law saying that A-kasser should pay any money back.

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Thank you very much.

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