Forhåndsgodkendelse thesis

Dear A-Kasse,
I handed my Masters thesis to my SDU university and I am asked to get in touch with you, I am member of A-Kasse and I am asked to fill in the form for Forhåndsgodkendelse uden mundlig forsvar, could you advise me please on what exactly is expected from me,

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You have to fill out a formular. Your A-kasse should tell you where to get it.
I have found this on Internet (from MA A-kasse) -

If you are not member of MA A-kasse I think you should ask your a-kasse for the same formular.

The formular has to be signed by your "Vejleder" and censor, and off course by your self.

Then you should send it to your A-kasse. Please notice that we ( is not an A-kasse.
We should be considered as an price comparison website.

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Thank you very much Anders and ha e w good day,