How much in supplementary benefits as a graduate?

I recently graduated, have a part-time job and I got approved for Supplementary Benefits, however I only received up to 13.489 as a newly graduate instead of 18.866, am I wrong or did the A-kasse company make a mistake?
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I assume that you have "graduate status" in your A-kasse, and therefore you have not earned rights to dagpenge as a wage-earner.

As a graduate without dependent children - you can get DKK 13,489 pr. month. A month is 160,33 hours. So when you are on supplementary benefits, you will get paid "up to" 160,33 depending on how many hours of work you have.

If you have a good salary it may be possible for you get a higher benefit amount after 6 months from you graduation date.

You must have at least 3 months of work after your graduation date. But you can only have your benefit rate re-calculated after 6 months from graduation.

To be able to get the highest amount in dagpenge DKK 18,866 you must have an monthly income before tax in the three months of at least DKK 22,785.

You can get 90% of your income in dagpenge, so if 90% of your current income exceeds DKK 13,489, then you should be able to get a higher amount.

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