Residency in Denmark from the same date as study start.

Hello, I have just recently found out that I might not be able to apply for unemployment benefits because I didn't have a permanent residency at least one day before the start of my studies but from the same date. However, I was staying in Denmark for a few days before at my friend's place and one night also at Airbnb apartment. It was because my apartment was not ready yet. In one of the previous questions about this topic, the answer stated that staying at friends place could be enough.
My question is what should I do and how do I prove that I was residing in Denmark at least one day before my studies started? Thank You in advance.
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as you mention your self it is ok if you have stayed with friends or Airbnb. You must expect that the A-kasse will ask you for some documentation/proof.

I assume it will be easy to document that you booked stay through Airbnb. If you can document that you booked at least 1 day with Airbnb, and that day was very close to study-start, then I would think that will be enough proof.

If they ask for more documentation, you need to proof the stay with friend in other ways. If your friend can confirm that you stayed there I would think it could be ok, but I am not sure.

Any kind of receipts you have from the period may be taken into account.

However we can not exactly say how much the A-kasse will ask for.

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