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I am a graduating student of Aalborg University -Geoinformatic Master. I have started my education in 1st of February in 2014 and I will finish in 29th of June in 2015. it is 16 month, however I am doing all my 4 semester with 120 ECTS.
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we must admit that we are not experts in these matters. should be considered as an price-guide to membership of an A-kasse, and therefor it is not every question we will/can answer.

However we have made a little research and it seem that every A-kasse demands 18 months full study (= 3 semester).
The fact that you have ECTS score over 90 (which is normally regarded as 3 semester study) obvisiously do not count here.

And we would be happy to hear if you find a solution..

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