Any benefits for a Non-EU resident in Denmark?

Any benefits for a Non-EU resident in Denmark, who has been working in Copenhagen for the past 8 years on a work visa (pay limit scheme) to join A-Kasse?

If so, what are they?
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if you have been living in Denmark the last 8 years you meet the new residence requirement.

Therefore you "only" need to fullfill the other conditions:

  1. Having been member of an A-kasse for at least 1 year
  2. Have earned at least DKK 233,376 during the last 3 year in total (when you apply for benefits).
  3. As an non-EU citizen you must have a work-permit that allow you to work full-time. Be aware that a work-permit limited to a specific employer or company, not will be enough. A-kasse is only relevant, if you can stay and work in Denmark after you stop/lose your current job

We can not give guidance about if your work-permit is sufficient. You must ask others about that.

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