Does the new law affect me?

Hey! Does the new law affect me as a student, after I graduate, or anytime at all?I have to mention that I am an EU citizen from Romania and started my education in Denmark 2 years ago. But I have been living in EU my whole life. So after I finish my education,which will happen in 1.5 years,  if I can not find a job, can I get the unemployment benefit?
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you will have no problem with meeting the new residence requirement. As an EU-citizen periods with stay in other EU/EEA countries can be compared to stay in Denmark, and therefore the period you lived in Romania can be included.

For being able to get Unemployment benefits right after you finish education, you need to have been member of an A-kasse for at least the last year of your study.

If you are not already a member of an A-kasse, I would recommend you to sign up now. It will be free of cost until you graduate.

Just remember to change your status from student to graduate at latest 14 days after graduation.

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