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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am graduating this year and I wanted to ask what your graduation criteria are. I have not done my thesis yet, am I entitled to unemployment benefits after I submit my thesis and receive the grade?

Thank you in advance!

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the general rule for new graduates: Yes, you are entitled to get unemployment benfits from 1 month after graduation.
Have you been free member of an A-kasse for at least one year before ending study, you can get unemployment benefits from day 1 after graduation.
When are you graduated?
You tell you have to submit a thesis .When you ending study with a thesis that you do not have to defend orally, you can be admitted to an A-kasse the following day, supervisor and examiner (s) have signed a pre-approval.
You have to ask for this pre-approval.

If - for one reason or another - you can not get the pre-approval, then the normal 14 days rule will be important for you.
To receive benefits from 1 month after graduation you have to apply for membership at LATEST 14 days after final exam is passed.

Also remember:
1. Register at by the day where you want to receive any benefits from.
2. Apply for unemployment benefits in the unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) you belong / or seeking admission to.

Hope this will help you,
Dear Anders,

I have to defend my thesis orally. I have signed for A-kasser lat year in June if I am not mistaken so I will be a member for one full year. Thank you for the info, it has been very useful!

Kind regards,