Should I continue A-kasse after new requirement?

I (being Non EU) have been living in Denmark since February, 2018. I am full time employed.
I registered with A-kasse on 11th December, 2018.
My first monthly A-kasse fee is due in this month...
My question is that ...should I continue to pay or terminate A-kasse as I have to wait for at least seven years to get unemployment benefits...
If I continue, what are the pros and cons?
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As you say your self it is correct that you need to wait until you have stayed in Denmark for lets say 5 more years, before it is relevant to begin (again) to pay for A-kasse membership.

You have stayed nearly 1 year in Denmark now, and after 5 more years (in february 2024) you will have stayed here in 6 years. You need to have been member for an A-kasse at least 1 year before you can apply for Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").

So our recommendation will be that you cancel membership now, and wait until february 2024 to become member.

Then in February 2025 you both will meet the residence requirement (7 out of the last 12 years) and also you have been member with A-kasse for 1 year.

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Anders Weber,