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Is it still true, that if a person is currently receiving unemployment benefits but from 1st of January is no longer eligible (e.g. did not spend the last 7 years in Denmark or EU/EAA), this rule will not affect their right to unemployment benefits until they find a job?

Or does it mean, that starting from January 1st, a person will not be eligible to receive any unemployment benefits even though they are currently unemployed?
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i you currently are receiving Unemployment benefits, then you can keep the right to benefits for the 2-year period, regardless of you meet the new residence requirement from januar 1,2019, or not.

If you after the current 2-year period will be able to apply for a new 2-year period (requiring you have worked), then you must also meet the new residence requirement at that point.

The new requirement only applies for people who apply for Unemployment benefits after January 1, 2019.

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