Residency requirement for normal maternity leave?


Is the new residency (7 years out of 12) rule  also applicable for normal maternity benefits. I mean a person going on maternity benefits during regular employment and has the job to go back to after the maternity leave.?
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because you are on maternity leave as an employed, and you meet the employment requirement stated in the maternity law ("Barselsloven, §27, stk. 1, nr. 1"), your maternity benefits is not depending on A-kasse membership. In this case you will not be affected by the new rule.

The opposite will be applicable, if you are unemployed/not meet the employment requirement in Barselsloven §27 and go on maternity leave/apply for maternity benefits in your A-kasse after January 1, 2019. In this case your right to maternity benefits will be depending on that you are eligible for unemployment benefits (meeting the general requirments for being eligible for unemployment benefits). So in this case a person must fulfill the new residence requirement for being eligible for maternity benefits.

In the last case, a person must instead apply for the lower integration allowance (from January 2019 called "self-sufficiency and repatriation" benefit).

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What will happen if somebody has been receiving unemployment benefits and he/she has not recidency requirements 5 years?  Will akasse will revoke and stop benefits who has been already receiving benefits  started from 11 months ago. Does the new rules effect him/her? Another wuestion, In the case of approaching barsel during unemployment benefits period, how new rule affect the right of getting benefits to mother?
Hope you understand my questions :)).

Thank you.

if you already received Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") on Januay 1, 2019 then you can continue to receive benefits until the 2-year period expires.

Only people who apply for dagpenge after January 1, 2019 need to meet the new residence requirement.

And your second question:
Yes I think I understand. But now you ask for another situation than in your initial question. In your question you would go on barsel during unemployment period.
Now you ask if you go on barsel as unemployed.
If you go on "barsel" while you are unemployed, then you can get barselsdagpenge if you are entitled to normal dagpenge on the day you apply for baselsdagpenge.
In this case it is my assumption that your A-kasse/Udbetaling Danmark will not make a new assessment..meaning that if you are within a unemployment benefit period, then you also will be able to get barselsdagpenge...also if you apply for barselsdagpenge after January 1, 2019.
However I will recommend you to get this confirmed by your A-kasse.
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Thank you Anders for your detailed answer.fully satisfied :) .. have a good day.