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According to this recent news on this link. The proposed residency rules is 7 out of 12 years.

Pls see here:

Confusion is here, should I be in Denmark or other EU country for minimum 12 years ? Or minimum 7 years within last 12 years? Because I have been living here in Denmark since June 2011. And working 35 hours in a week since January 2013  And What are the other requirements under new rules to be eligible for the benefits?

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the requirement says that you must have stayed (not nessasary worked) in Denmark for 7 out of the last 12 years.

If you are an EU-citizen, periods with stay in other EU/EEA countries during the last 12 years equals stays in Denmark, i.e. stays in EU/EEA can be included to meet the residence requirement.

This means at the same time that you can have stayed up to 5 years in a non EU-country, for example USA, within the last 12-year period, and still meet the new residence requirement.

However the new rule will be phased in over 3 years, so in 2019 the requirement is only 5 out of the last 12 years and in 2020 6 out of the last 12 years.

There are no other new requirements in this new law. But the requirements that you need to fulfill today, will also apply after January 1, 2019 (together with the extra new residence requirement).

You can find more information about the general requirements (that applies today) here:

According to the information you give us, it seems that you will have no problem with meeting the new residence requirement. It is not relevant, in relation to the residence requirement, how much you have worked in Denmark since you moved here, only that you have stayed in Denmark (or another EU/EEA-country, if you are an EU-citizen).

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Thank you for the information.