Dagpenge vs. supplementary benefits as graduate

Hi again, I have one more question. What is actually the best option for me if I am a graduate with a part time job of 20 hours per week - dagpenge or supplementary benefits? I am not sure if both are even the possibilities for me, but since the job is permanent I don't want to be restricted by the 30 week rule in supplementary benefits.

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if you at the same time you graduate also have a part-time job you have two options.

  1. To quit your job before graduation and receive normally dagpenge as graduate
  2. keep your part-time job and receive supplementary unemployment benefits

Which of the options that are best for the individual graduate depend on different factors, especially on how the outlook is for keeping the current job, and how many hours you expect to work part-time per week.

If you decide to receive supplementary benefits, you can do it for maximum 30 weeks.

As if you were receiving normally dagpenge, you are at the same time in the maximum 2-year period. So the (maximum) 30 weeks with supplementary benefits will be deducted from the maximum 2-year period with dagpenge in total.

So our opinion is that you should decide if it is worth using a right to a week with full dagpenge, if you actually only will receive supplementary benefits for few hours.

However when you receiving supplementary benefits you are free to choose from week to week if you want to use a week with supplementary benefits or not. So you could decide to use a week with supplementary benefits only in the weeks where you really gain from it, i.e. the weeks where you have less hours.

If you in general work so many hours that you have enough income to cover your daily expenses, I think you should choose not to receive supplementary benefits.

As an graduate you have up to 2 years after graduation to begin to receive (full) dagpenge. But remember to get your graduate rights registered in the A-kasse at latest 14 days after graduation.

So if you only will get little amount in supplementary benefits, it would probably be a better choice to have the right to 2 years with full dagpenge as an security.

If you already are member of an A-kasse, I would recommend you to also talk with your A-kasse about this question.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk

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