When do we find out?

Hi there.
So I've been waiting for the final decision on this new unemployment fund fiasco since October 23rd (actually since they announced it in spring...).

When are we going to find out what happens, and if the new rules are actually coming to affect from the 1st of January?
Is this normal that they haven't decided yet while being so close to the date?

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the new law will be voted in the parliament on December 13, 2018. After that we will know for sure if the new law (residence requirement) will come in to effect and also the detailed description of the new residence requirement.

It is definitely not good practice practice to decide new laws so late before they will come into force and especially not for this topic about Unemployment Insurance, because people don't know how to act according to the new rule.

And furthermore the new law will have effect back in time, meaning that some people who in good faith have paid for Unemployment Insurance, now must realize that they can not get Unemployment benefits in case they lose their job.

So I can only apologize on behalf of the Parliament. But unfortunately it seems like that our Parliament in these years do a lot effort to make it less appealing for foreigners to come to Denmark.

We will make an update to our specific page on the new residence requirement (https://www.a-kasser.dk/requirement-of-7-years-of-stay-in-Denmark-or-eea) as soon as we know it is finally approved.

Best regards,

Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk

Hi Anders,

there's no need for you to apologize, I guess this puts you guys into an uncomfortable situation as well.
Thank you for sending over the date, I've been looking for a specific day everywhere.