Refund of A-Kasse fee after new 2019-rule?

If the new 7/12-year residency requirement is passed by Parliament and comes into effect, will those of us who have been paying into a-kasse funds be eligible for a refund of their payments if the new rules means that they will no longer be eligible to receive a-kasse?   

I am a non-EU citizen who has been living and working in Denmark for just under 4 years, and I have been paying a-kasse premiums for almost 2 years.  It seems unfair to have paid for something that the government will retroactively not allow access to.
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I - like many others - fully agree with you.

There is nothing in the current law proposal that suggest there will be any kind of refund of A-kasse contributions.

But I know others have the same point of view as you, and also have sent it to the politicians in hope that they will take into account this point of view before the final approval of the new law.

So on this subject we know as little as you do. We can only wait to see what will be the solution for people like you who have paid for an insurance (contributions to A-kasse) for some years, and now can not benefit from the insurance in case of unemployment.

It is also my point of view that this law is critical especially because it will have effect back in time for people who have bought this insurance (A-kasse membership) in the believe that they could use the insurance later.

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Anders Weber,