How long membership before receiving dagpenge?

If the 7/12 years living in Denmark is approved, how long will someone have to be a member in order to qualify for assistance if he or she loses her job?

For non-eu who have a work permit it is one year now, will it be one year as it is now, or will it change to being a member for 7 years as well?
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the new rule does not change the existing conditions for being eligible for unemployment benefits. The new rule just add one further condition to the already existing ones.

So you still (only) have to have been member for 1 year of an A-kasse, and also you must meet the income-requirement.

Read more about the existing requirements here:

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Thanks for the reply Anders. This answers my question completely. I was just wondering for and if I go work abroad to ASIA or US with a non-Danish company for a fixed amount of time, let's say 3 years, then I would consider cancelling membership and then becoming a member again the year beforehand, given I have a work permit/eligible for membership.

Now, if the rules goes in effect, and I do stay in Denmark for the next 7 years, I would only need to have the membership 1 year before the 7 years and not all 7 years?

If this rules is passed, I see this could potentially affect the akasse businesses regarding the number of members that stay active during those 7 years.
Yes it is correct that you only need to have the membership one year before you are able to meet the new residence requirement of 7 out of the last 12 years. Remember in 2019 the requirement will only be 5 out of the last 12 years, and in 2020 6 out of the last 12 years, before the new rule will be full implemented from 2021.

Regarding how you long your need to be a member, you must take in to consideration that only income earned during memberhip periods in an A-kasse can be used to meet the income-requirement. However the majority of jobs in Denmark will give you a salary that makes it possible to meet the income-requirement only with one year of employment (and 1 year of membership).

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