Will years spent in UK after Brexit be counted?

Will the requirement for residency in Denmark or other EU country for 5 out of the last 12 years apply for years spent in the UK after the Brexit transition? Britain was an EU country in those years so will those years count toward the required amount.
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all years/periods spent in UK until Brexit is executed (on March 30, 2019) can be included in meeting the residence requirement of 5 out of last 12 years in 2019.

What will happen with stays in UK after Brexit (March 30, 2019) I don't know for sure. But the danish Government har issued a press release saying that if there will be a "no-deal" Brexit, then there will be adopted a new law about the rights to dagpenge and other social benefits for people where stay in UK before/after brexit will influence their right to benefits/dagpenge.

According to the press release, which we have an danish article about it will be possible to count stays both from before Brexit and after.

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