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Hi. I'm european and i will soon finish my ap degree studies in Denmark. I know that i need to ask for the a-kasse within 14 days from the end of the ap degree. Nevertheless i would like to travel outside of Europe as a tourist for about 4-5 months, then come back to Denmark and start getting the benefits as unemployed.
I would like to terminate my current rent in Denmark when i'll leave Denmark and i was wondering if i can rent another house as soon as i come back to Denmark or i need to keep a residence in order to be an a-kasse member. And by the way, how long can i be without residence in Denmark before my status/Cpr is affected ?

Thank you in Advance
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yes it is important that you become a member of an A-kasse at latest 14 days after graduation, and in this way having your graduate status/rights registered in the A-kasse.

If you do that then you will have a right to start to receive Unemployment benefits during the following two-year period, without needing to meet further requirements. The right is only based on your finished education (graduate rights).

So you can easily go on vacation in another country (EU or non-EU country), and then come back to Denmark to start receiving benefits as unemployed.

You need to stay as member in the A-kasse and pay membership fee in the months you are traveling. But you don't need to keep a residence in Denmark to become/stay as member in the A-kasse. But the day you apply for Unemployment benefits you off course must have a residence in Denmark again.

Only if you go to another EU-country to work, then you can not stay as member of the danish A-kasse any longer.

About your question of when/if CPR status will be affected, you must contact other authorities. I think the best would be to ask your municipality of residence. You could also read more here:

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Do you know how much it cost the membership fee ? Is it a monthly payment ? Do you know if i can get the money back if i decide not to be a-kasse member anymore in future ? Thank you again.
you can see membership fees for all 24 A-kasser here:
Look in the table and the column "Price per month 2018".
Yes the price is per month, but if you pay tax in Denmark you can deduct the fee in your tax, so after tax it will be a smaller amount.

The published prices you see on our site is the price before tax.

You can not get money back if you decide later not to have A-kasse membership anymore. You can compare A-kasse member ship with an insurance. Also insurance fees you don't get back if you decide not to have the insurance anymore.

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